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21-80 series
Year: 2021
Genre: Drama
In the Turkish TV series "Kardeslerim" in English, a very tragic story of one completely simple family will be shown. In this family, each member is a rather interesting and versatile person. Each of them has their own desires and goals to which they strive. Each of them dreams not only of fulfilling their most cherished dream, but also of finding the long-awaited happiness. Only it turned out to be quite difficult to do, as it was thought at first glance. None of them could have foreseen what a severe test fate had in store for this family. There is such a tragedy that not every person is able to endure and not break down.

So the circumstances are that the main characters of the Turkish TV series "Kardeslerim" with English subtitles remain complete orphans. Their parents were killed in a terrible car accident, and the children were left completely alone. For the guys, this loss was too great, but they perfectly understand that they must somehow live on with such a pain in their hearts. The guys begin to try to cope with this pain in their own way. Despite this, they need to learn to stick constantly together and learn to live in this world, which in fact turned out to be not entirely safe for them. They are accustomed to the fact that in difficult times they could always rely on their beloved parents and receive support from them. But now they will not have such an opportunity.

Since the main characters of the Turkish TV series, which can be watched online with English subtitles, were still very young children, they could be separated at any time. After all, they need the support of adults, since on their own at this age they will not be able to cope with all the difficulties. They have relatives, but not everyone wants to take on such responsibility for their four children. Kadir, Omer, Assie and Emel will stick together in order to cope with all life's trials. And they will receive strength for this from each other.
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Update: 7/03/2023

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