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Kardeslerim episode 33 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 33 Series of the Turkish series "Kardeslerim" will tell about how Akif told his relatives that in the evening they would go for dinner with the Berk family. This dinner is very important for Akif and therefore should pass everything perfectly. Akif is going to conclude cooperation with Ressul. But when everyone gathered on dinner, then Ressul made it clear that he would not stay for a long time in Istanbul. Their marriage with Aylay did not work at all and for this reason the spouse decided to divorce. Harik returned home not with very pleasant news. She failed a very important exam on the budget, but the girl still found a way to pay for its further training in a prestigious college. Only for this she had to steal the pli susen. Suzan was shocked by such an act of his daughter, because she told about the stealing without the slightest conscience. Harik herself is very pleased with the fact that she managed to get out of the complex position on their own. Omer was very upset due to what had happened to Sysen, and Druk immediately noticed it. Then he began to be interested in Omer, really he likes so much so much? At that moment, Schungul met at the appointed time in the park with Ayla. Suddenly, Isybike and Berk are witnessing this meeting and both are very surprised. Ishibique can't understand why her mother meets with a double woman? She declared this in the open and, without hiding his hatred against Aibic ...