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Kardeslerim episode 34 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 34 series of the Turkish series "Kardeslerim" will tell about how Suzan began to work as a assistant at the resul. When everyone gathered at a solemn event, the Resoul reported to everyone that he was ready to make a great contribution to make school more alive. Nebahat and Akif are dissatisfied with the current situation. Nebahat warned Isle to be very neat with Suzan. This woman is insidious and likes to destroy other people's marriages. Hassan told Orhans that the land in the village was not sold. Then he does not understand where Schengeul took money to buy a house at Akif. When he began to ask Schungul's questions, she was confused. Akif saw Shengul, and she told him that Orhahan suspects something wrong. If Orhan knows everything, he will send it and Akif to prison. But Orhan heard all this conversation. Akifa had to tell that Melis was shot down Kadir on a motorcycle. Orhan came to rage, and he does not want to have any things with a woman who took blood for his nephew. Omer, Asie and their younger sister were in one luxurious mansion. Suddenly, the owners of this house appear for them. They counted that thieves penetrated them, but Omer tried to explain everything. The man pulled out a gun and sent him to Omera. The guy had to defend himself, and he tried to snatch a gun in a man. Only happening, and the bullet gets into Emel ...