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Kardeslerim episode 32 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

32 The Turkish series "Kardeslerim" series will tell you how Ishibique and Ogouljan received an invitation from Berk, as he wants to play with them into the prefix. They agreed and came to visit him. Only none of the guys expected to wait a surprise to wait. Mother Berk decided to meet his school friends. She wanted to evaluate these friends, but as a result, Ayla became unflattering about them to respond. Ayla is against her son to contact such poorly guys. She did not hide this and announced this Berk in the open. Aibieka was very sad and Shengeul saw her daughter arrives at no better condition. Then she decides to find out from Ogoulzhan, what happened and what's so much upset by Isiba. Ogouljan did not hide anything from his mother and decided to tell everything. Shengul was very evil on Isle after she had to hear. She can't let her children humiliate. Akif intends to seriously solve the problem with Susan, which, most likely, was on the verge of a breakdown. He put Ultimatum Kaanu, and made it possible to solve the problem with her independently. Or the consequences for Susan will be terrible ...