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Kardeslerim episode 44 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 44th episode of the Turkish TV series “Kardeslerim” tells how Omer saw Doruk and tried to hide from his field of vision. The pawnbrokers and his men did not realize that anyone had seen what was happening. But Doruk saw how Omer received money from Typhoon and he began to understand that the guy intervened in bad deeds. Doruk is trying to find out what kind of job Omer has? But Omer replied that it was none of his business and he should not interfere. Doruk and Asie reconciled and they are together again. He invited Asia to a cafe and said that they would go there as a couple. Law enforcement officers came to Akif to seize electronic media. When the police began to ask about ciphers and passwords, Akif said that he did not store passwords and ciphers on devices. He never hid anything. Only Resul knows perfectly well that Akif has a big sin. Akif tries with all his might to achieve reciprocity from Susan. Susan herself is also not against this relationship, but she wants Akif to divorce first. When he came to Nebahat with divorce papers, it came as a surprise to her. Until the last moment, she hoped that she could save this marriage. Akif bought a beautiful ring for Susan and invited her to dinner at a restaurant. They ended up in a romantic setting and Akif told Susan that no one else could separate them...