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Kardeslerim episode 45 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 45th episode of the Turkish series “Kardeslerim” will tell about how Resul got such a video that will not save Akif and he will go to prison for many years. Nebahat begged Resul not to do this. After all, in spite of everything, Akif is the father of her children and this can reflect badly on their reputation. Akif ruined Resul's life and took his beloved woman from him, so he will not leave everything just like that. Nebahat promises that she will talk to Akif and he will pay him everything he owes and even more. And Nebahat will make sure that he leaves Susan and then Resul can be near her. But Resul is not going to refuse, and then Nebahat had no choice but to hit him on the head with the first object that came across. She understands that somehow she had to stop him. Nebahat was frightened and immediately called Akif, saying that Resul had found a video that showed the murder. Akif abandoned all his affairs and went to Resul's house. Nebahat went outside to meet Akif. When he arrived, they returned together to the house, but Resul was not at the place where he lay unconscious. But soon Resul appeared and he had a gun in his hands. He told Nebahat and Akif to stay away from him. He will destroy them and go to the police station in order to tell about everything. A fight broke out between Akif and Resul and an accident occurred. Resul slipped and fell, hitting his head on the corner of the table. Akif informed Nebahat that Resul had died...