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Kardeslerim episode 43 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

43 Series of the Turkish TV series "Kardeslerim" will tell about how Susan warned Akif, that they can look at their further relationship only after he becomes a free man. Akif came to the Nebhat and gave her documents about the divorce that she had to sign. Nebahat did not expect Akif to run away so quickly. He also believes that their history has long over. Each of them has more time in order to create a new life. Omer received a new task from his chief and today he will have to pick up a hundred thousand LIR. Ishibique called Harika on the conversation and asked if she knows why, Ogouljan began to treat her so lately? He heard perfectly like Harik said that Ogouljan was not a couple to her, since he was poor, and she simply regrets him. During the auction, the head of the Omera came to pick up money, but they did not turn out in the portfolio. Harik confused his portfolio with Omer and went home. When she saw that was inside, it was very surprised. Harik immediately began to recalculate the money and found out that the amount found by it is one hundred thousand LIR. Employees from the Financial Crime Division came to the Resoul office. They did a complaint, and they will have to check. Asie feels that Omer hides something and she doesn't like it very much ...