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Kardeslerim episode 42 english subtitles

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42 The Turkish TV series "Kardeslerim" will tell about how Omer has found a book with recipes and decided to cook soup for his sisters, which they once prepared their mother. Emel and Asie rated this dish, but the Oerra is very hard to look at what the people close to him are located. They live in Saraj, where it is very cold and money for a normal food and life is not at all. Omer cannot continue to look at the situation of his family and therefore decides to go to extreme measures. He came to a person who turns out of all legitimate affairs and asked him to go to work. The man agreed, but only if the Omer takes his conditions. All that the Omer here will see and hear, will have to remain in these walls. Then he put a bundle with money before Omer and the Omer could not resist such a temptation and agreed. Omer immediately went with two other guys on his first task and received money for it, he did not even have to do anything. He told his relatives that he managed to find a worthy job. Now the Omer will make well earn and may soon have their own self. Ozed was appointed to the research department and developments and she gladly accepted this offer from a ref.. Harics had a large amount of money in his hands, and now she can radically change their lives ...