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Kardeslerim episode 41 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

41 Series of the Turkish series "Kardeslerim" will tell about how gathered at the table, the Eren family began to discuss Schungul. Ogoulzhan believes that if his mother can not remember anything, then albeit does not remember. After all, they feel so well. Orhan hopes that the moment will come when Schengeul still remembers and then the whole truth will come out. Then he can ask for an account for everything. Children's affairs became very bad and the Omer perfectly understands it. They do not even have money in order to feed themselves. He learned that the meat store gives bones to animals. Omer asks if they can buy them? Ayla does not intend to inactivate, and she is going to open a refull of his eyes to Suzan. She told him about the fact that Akif and Suzan came, children were caught this scene. Resoul learned that Suzan had a relationship with Akif, who is his companion and he really didn't like it. When Suzan came to him, he began to ask her about it. Susan was surprised that Resoul was able to learn about what happened yesterday. But, despite this circumstance, the resul is not going to give up Suzan. Most likely, the war will begin to flare up between Resul and Akif. Resoul came to Akif and stated that he intends to terminate their cooperation. In order to feed your family, the Omer is ready to go to the most extreme measures ...