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Kardeslerim episode 49 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 49th episode of the Turkish TV series “Kardeslerim” tells how Aybike called Omer and said that Oguljan did not return home. Only Omer does not care anymore and he is not going to give up his business for the sake of Oguljan. Harika at the wedding of Akif and Susan approached Omer and told about the intrigues of the Emir. And only then Omer understood why Oguljan committed this act. Oguljan came to the construction site and found a motorcycle in the pit. He went downstairs, but he could not get out of there. Guests gathered at the wedding, and Nebahat and Ayla watched everything that was happening on video. Akif had a surprise for Susan and wanted to show her before they signed. When he asked to turn on the recording on the screen, everyone was shocked by such a gift. In the video, Akif confessed his love to Nebahat on the day of their wedding anniversary. As a result, the wedding was upset, and Susan left Akif. Through the fault of Şengül, the restaurant was turned upside down. She wanted to teach Madame Genul a lesson and show what it means to take other people's husbands away and destroy families. When Orhan saw what happened to the restaurant, Genul said in tears that these were all Shengul's tricks and thus she conveyed her "hello". Genul intends to make sure that a lot has changed in the life of Orhan and his family before Shengul returns…