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Kardeslerim episode 50 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 50th episode of the Turkish TV series “Kardeslerim” will tell about how Shengul was finally released and found herself at home, which she was very happy about. She believes that a person begins to understand the value of his home only when he is in prison. She wants to cook something delicious, because she thinks that her children miss their mother's food very much. After all, nothing can replace them. The Emir found out that Harika told Omer everything about Oguljan. A quarrel broke out between them, and when Harika wanted to get out of Emir's car, he did not let her go. Then Harika had to use a means of protection in order to escape from the Emir. Orhan, having learned that Shengul is at home and behaves as if nothing had happened, began to resent. He believes that her actions are unforgivable. He told Shengyul that he was divorcing her. When Asiya tried to get the key to the car in which Emir was, he regained consciousness and grabbed her hand. The girls had to put Emir to sleep again, but then an accident occurs. Emir's car rolled down and headed straight into the water. Rescue services arrived at the scene, but no one was in the car. Then they decided that Emir had been carried away by the current, and the search continued until a lifeless body was found in the water ...