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Kardeslerim episode 48 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 48 of the Turkish series Kardeslerim tells how Burke received a share of the shares that he inherited from his father. He immediately went to the company along with his mother. Ogulcan and Omer come up with a new idea with the help of which they hope to earn money and support their families. Şengül can't come to terms with the fact that Genul constantly revolves around her husband. She is filled with jealousy and Shengyul is sure that this woman was going to take her husband away from her. As a result, there comes a moment when she decides to keep Genul away from Orhan, but all this leads to a big mistake. Children suffered from Shengyul's actions when they came to Orhan's cafe. Akif intends to win the tender, and it was very important for him. He asked Nebahat and Ayla not to blurt out anything superfluous during this event. But women do not like the fact that Akif decided to teach them how to run a business properly. Suddenly, Gezde appeared in the office, whom Aile and Nebahat had to meet not so long ago. They were all very surprised by this meeting. Akif interrupted their sweet conversation and offered to go to the office to hold a conference. Gezde said that everything suits her even without any presentations. Akif told Susan that tomorrow will be a very important day for them and he wants everything to go flawlessly...