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Kardeslerim episode 47 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 47th episode of the Turkish TV series “Kardeslerim” will tell about how Oguljan misses Harika and believes that he has lost her. He can't hold back his tears as he looks at the new photo of Harika with another guy. Şengül was furious when she learned about Orhan. She suspects him of treason, and went to a restaurant in order to teach her rival a lesson. Shengyul made a huge scandal, and Orhan was very ashamed of her. Even the children couldn't stop her. Susan realizes that she can no longer lie to Omer and must tell everything. Kaan found out about this and tried to stop Susan. After all, if she tells everything, then his family will fall apart and he cannot afford it. He took the letter Susan had written and tore it up. But Susan is still not going to stop, and she will definitely tell Omer about everything. She picked up a megaphone and was about to tell everyone what she knew. Akif came and saw Kaan and Suzen arguing about something. In the end, everything led to the fact that Susan and Kaan suffered as a result of a fall from a height. An ambulance arrived and hurried to take Kaan to the hospital. Akif is nearby and with tears in his eyes asks his son to be patient a little and soon he will be taken to the hospital. Kaan told Akif that he interfered and protected his father as well as his family. He asked Akif if his father loved him? Akif replied that he would be ready to give his life for his son...