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Kardeslerim episode 52 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 52nd episode of the Turkish TV series "Kardeslerim" tells how Emir is amused by the situation that Harika is in a difficult situation. He begins to mock her in every way and does not hide such a desire at all. He said that another chicken had joined the chicken coop. Harika is on the verge of despair and it is too difficult for her to come to terms with her plight. In addition, Tolga joined the Emir and now they began to mock the unfortunate girl together. The young people are not going to stop and soon they begin to mock Omer as well. They believe that he and Hariki do not have the normal relationship that a brother and sister should have. When Tolga and Emir said that there was a replenishment in their chicken coops, these words finally drove Omer out of himself. Omer and Oguljan got into a fight with Emir and Tolga. Asieh and Doruk tried to stop this showdown. They ask Omer to stop and not do stupid things in his head. Shengyul comes to college and she has a proposal to Aleyna and Nebahat. Akif continues to turn his dark deeds, and Susan, due to the fact that he framed her, continues to be under arrest. Akif told the children that the judge had decided to take a closer look at their mother's case. Omer has no doubt that justice will prevail and Akif will be punished...