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Kardeslerim episode 55 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 55 of the Turkish series Kardeslerim is about how Asiye told her college friends that they were all very tired this year. Therefore, she invites everyone to have fun on this beautiful day and cheer themselves up. If everyone is ready, they will start their performance. The guys supported Asiya and Doruk with thunderous applause. Soon it becomes known that the leadership of the Ataman College selects the best students. Omer offered to vote also for the one they consider worthy of this title. He wants to help his cousin win the award because he thinks he deserves it. Aibike and Oguljan ended up on the same team as Tolga, and for many this event was surprising. Between Aibike and Asie there is a conflict situation. Aibike told Asia that whoever it was, she wanted to be loved. Aibike grabbed her hand tightly. Asie asks Aibike to let go of her hand as it hurts her. But Aibike was not going to do this. Then Asia tried to escape by force, but an unforeseen event occurs. When Asia pushed Aibike away, she hit the shop window, and glass fell on her ...