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Kardeslerim episode 56 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 56th episode of the Turkish TV series "Kardeslerim " will tell how Şengül became furious because Asiye works in Genul's cafe. She considers her a traitor. In addition, she accuses Asiya of wanting to destroy her family. Aybike took the side of her mother, which greatly surprised Asiya and Omer. Orhan decided to divorce Shengul, and she, in turn, forbids him to meet with children. Şengül plans against his nephews and wants to leave them homeless. Ayla and Nebehat began to look for Akif's secret documents, but at that moment a fight breaks out that will shock everyone. The school year has come to an end. Omer considers this school year to be the best of his life. Ayse hopes that Omer will not forget her. Nebahat reached her goal, and Akif ended up on the street. He lost all his assets, house and everything else. Only he is not going to give up and will definitely return everything. Omer and Asiya were told that Sevgi had long lost the meaning of her life. But only everything changed after she met this family on her way. They were able to give her joy in this life, and in gratitude she left them a luxurious house. For Omer and his family, this was a very joyful event, and they could not count on such a gift. Now they will be able to live as they deserve and everyone will be very happy ...