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Kardeslerim episode 54 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 54 of the Turkish series Kardeslerim tells how Omer and Asiye were upset that they might have to leave college and look for a better educational institution for them. Asie believes that they will do everything to be successful, but unfortunately money rules in this world. Those who do not have them are forced to put up with their position. Sevgi sat silently listening to this not entirely pleasant conversation between her brother and sister. Aybike and Oguljan wanted to have a good time together with their family. They went to a picnic and waited for their father. But Orkhan appeared not alone, but in the company of Genul. Shengyul was indignant and did not want to linger here anymore, she turned around and left. As a result, the plans of the children were violated. In addition, Shengyul learns that Asie started working at the Genul restaurant and it seems to her that everyone has turned their backs on her. Ismail received an assignment from Sevga, but he wants to know when she will tell the children who she really is? The new owner of the college was not Tolga's father at all, but Sevgi Yilmaz. Thus, the children from the Eren family had the opportunity to continue their education in college. They were very happy about it. Tolga and Emir could not carry out their insidious plans. Emel considers the people next to her to be one big family. Grandmother began to wonder if there was a place for her in this family?