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1-95 series
Year: 2021
Genre: Drama
In the center of the events of the Turkish TV series "Yargi" were two rather successful lawyers. Each time they take up their new business with great enthusiasm and strive to bring it to a victorious end. The heroes of the Turkish TV series, which can be watched in English, have a common goal, namely, to protect their clients by any means. Only here between colleagues very often disputes arise and sometimes they lead to conflict situations. Many people believe that men and women are from different planets and it is very difficult to get out of those situations when they do not understand each other. And if they also work in different camps, then the situation is greatly aggravated.

The Turkish TV series "Yargi", with English subtitles, will show how the courts and representatives of the law work. Ilgaz holds the position of prosecutor, and he was able to become famous for his honesty. But one day, an event occurs that he could not have foreseen. His usual life begins to turn upside down after his brother Ilgaz is accused of murder and he is arrested. At this moment, Jaylene appears in the life of the prosecutor. She works as a lawyer and in principle never compromises with her own conscience. Jaylene has always fought against injustice and approached her professional duties with great responsibility.

The heroes of the Turkish TV series "Yargi", you can watch online with English subtitles, are completely different and have opposite characters. But soon young people begin to realize that they are very attracted to each other. Only no one is in a hurry to confess their feelings. On their way, they will have to face a variety of difficulties and obstacles. Before the eyes of the audience, a real struggle will begin to unfold, not only for the title of the most successful professional in his field, but also, most importantly, for preserving his heart without love wounds.
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Corynne Guests 24 January 2022 04:48
I can't watch 17 saying blocked 
Corynne Guests 31 January 2022 05:00
Episode 18 is not English subtitles I don't know what it is..

Corynne Guests 14 December 2022 04:37
Where is ep 47 ?