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Yargı episode 39 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 39th episode of the Turkish TV series "Yargi" tells how Ilgaz did not find Jaylin at home in the morning and realized that she had left before him. When he tried to call her, the attempts were unsuccessful, since Jaylin's phone was switched off. When he came to work, he asked if Jaylin had a court hearing today? But she didn't have a trial today. All this is very alarming for Ilgaz. When Jaylin's mother began to ask Ilgaz where her daughter was, he did not even know what to answer. He couldn't even protect her. Eren says that Ilgaz was right. After all, this maniac began to collect a new family for himself, and again there are missing ones. All victims were of the same sex and age. At this moment, Jaylin was in some room, and she is very scared. Ilgaz would give anything to have Jaylin by his side. He even agrees to hear lies from her and let her not obey him at all. Let her continue to break the rules, as well as drive Ilgaz crazy and confuse. The main thing is that she is always there. Jaylin was in the hands of a maniac, and despite this, she is not going to just give up. She will definitely find a way out of this place and do what others have not been able to do until this day ...