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Yargı episode 38 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 38th episode of the Turkish TV series "Yargi" tells how Ilgaz suspects that Pars is hiding something from him. He asked if Pars had anything he should know about? Jaylin believes that at the moment, Pars is simply not able to think logically. After all, he has the main goal in front of him and Pars intends to find the killer at all costs. Jaylin is sure that until he achieves this, he will not be able to find peace. Ilgaz also strives for this and they have a common goal. He wants to find the killer, and this attacker will have to suffer a well-deserved punishment. Derya believes that Pars is up to something bad and she shared her opinion with friends. She perfectly understands the pain Pars is now experiencing and no one can help him cope with it. Derya is well aware that Pars will do anything and give everything to find the killer of his sister. She is very worried about his condition and does not know at all how to help Pars. Jaylin believes that only cowards are capable of setting traps, but the brave always fight with a brave heart. When Jaylin was in the parking lot and approached her car, an unforeseen event occurs. Someone imperceptibly approached her from behind and put her to sleep ...