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Yargı episode 45 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 45th episode of the Turkish series "Yargi" will tell about how the moment came for Jaylin, to get answers to those questions that worried her so much. Only all this will eventually affect Ilgaz, who continues to solve the case of Serdar. A very difficult choice awaits Jaylin. After all, she was between justice and her loved ones. She begins to demand from her relatives that everything be explained to her. Gul began to ask Jaylin to listen to her initially. But Jaylin does not want to listen to anything, and even more so, she will not hide anything from Ilgaz. Gul is very worried that lately they have had to lie too much. After all, sooner or later, all this can turn out not in the best way. Meanwhile, the reputation of the Parse, who holds the post of chief prosecutor, who barely keeps balance in relationships and in work, because of the love that is under the ban, is about to be shaken by one piece of news. He is going to find a solution, but it will not be easy at all. But on the other hand, Jaylin and Derya must solve the problem due to the incident with Arda. Yekta screams that the best time of the year has come and this is the time of scandals. Jaylin, along with Ilgaz from different sides, follow the same conclusion in the case, but very soon their paths will cross. New clues appear before Ilgaz, which shock him...