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Yargı episode 10 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 10th episode of the Turkish TV series "Yargi" will tell about how justice has been done and now Engin will have to bear the punishment he deserves. Evidence was found against him that it was he who killed Inji. Ilgaz and Jaylene began to get closer and feelings flared up between them. Only when the killer of Inji was found, then it makes no sense for them to continue their fictitious marriage. They realize that their paths diverge, and now each of them will have to go his own way. Jaylene has to face a new problem. She tried with all her might to prove Chinar's innocence in the murder of Inji. But now this guy has killed her father. Only his body has not yet been found. When his father came to Metin, he did not like it very much. But as it turned out, Chinara's grandfather was aware of what had happened. Metin begins to suspect that he hid the corpse. Ilgaz walks upset, and the people around him notice it. Hence, suspicions arise that they had a fight with Jaylene. When the chief prosecutor asked him about this, Ilgaz replied that they never swear. And all due to the fact that Jaylene always manages to avoid any conflicts and quarrels. Only when Jaylene is completely alone does she begin to vent all her anger. Ilgaz decided to speak directly with Pars. He knows that on the night of the murder, he was next to Yekta. Does he want to know what the Pars is trying to hide?