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Yargı episode 17 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 17th series of the Turkish series "Yargi" will tell about how Jailing together with Ilgaz came to the forest in the hope that she would be able to even remember something. She remembered the place where Ergin led her and he had a gun in his hands. But then she pushed the Eurgin and was able to pick up his weapon. Engin said that she could kill him, but he would not return to prison. If she does not do this, he will die itself. Jailein remembers how she sent a gun on Eurgin, but then she hit her head. Jailin fell on Earth and was in consciousness, but then the same man hit her foot and after fired in Eurgin. Jealin then remembered that she saw female hair and felt the smell of shampoo. It was a woman. Ilgaz suggested Jailline to go home. There she will be able to lie on his favorite sofa, in which she found peace. They will get together on it and turn on some movie. Jailein said Ilgazu that they need to get answers to some questions and decide among themselves. Ilgaz began to be interested in what exactly for Jealin is incomprehensible? She replied that all. Ilgaz promises Jailin that they will definitely understand everything ...