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Yargı episode 18 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 18th series of the Turkish series "Yargi" will tell about how Zymrut learned about his pregnancy, but her husband also became known about it. He was near then when the results of the survey came. Zymrut warned that she has only a week in order to reveal the whole truth. Since the DNA test will be carried out after this period. Jailin, called Metat and reported that he was taken to the police station. There he needs to answer a few questions, and he asks her to come. From criminal examination, they received the news that the blood of the Tilmen's blood was discovered on the glove. In addition, it was possible to detect hair, and he belongs to a man. Yeksa was happy with such results that you would not say about Niyaz. The Commissioner did not doubt that a woman was a killer. And this is a man who wears long hair. Yeket continues to disseminate the news that Jailing the killer and acted for revenge. Jailein was very surprised when I saw Ilgaz in a strict suit, and it should have prepared. She made him a compliment and believes that Ilgaz will turn the trial upside down. Only during the court session, there is something that no one is ready for those present. Yeksa received results, but she was shocked by them. Pars took documents, and everyone else was in a big waiting ...