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Yargı episode 19 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

19 Series of the Turkish TV series "Yargi" will tell about how Pars came to Ilgaz and wants him to return to prosecutors. After all, Jailing was already released, and there are no more obstacles for this. Jaillin himself can protect himself, but if necessary, Pars is ready to find the best lawyer for her. Yeke is suspected that the results of the expertise are fake and Ilgaz are ready to give him an answer. Pars reported Ilgaz news that he was shocked. With DNA, which was taken from him, and the hair on a glove one hundred percent coincides with it. Ilgaz says it is simply impossible. Jealin went to Yeshet and perfectly understands that this is his hand. She wants to know what he needs from Ilgaz if his problem lies in it? It comes out of control. Yeket said, Ilgaz and so managed to swim, when he went to the place of a perfect crime. In his opinion, the fly, Sorting on the swamp, deserves to stop in the mud. Ilgaz does not deny what he walked there, but there are two policemen and they witnesses that he did not touch anything. Parsu give time until tomorrow morning. Or he will prepare an accusation, or he is removed from this case. When Yekeke saw Jailein and Pars, then began to be interested in where they were going? The accusation is in court, and besides, it was already accepted. When Jailin took the documents, Yekeke asked to read them out loud, so that everyone would hear ...