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Yargı episode 20 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 20th series of the Turkish series "Yargi" will tell about how Pars brought the prosecutor indigus in the case of Easter Tilmen. And he would like the prosecutor personally to study him before passing to court. Pars wants to take on personally prosecutors of this process and asks permission. Ilgaz won the trial, and they were going to celebrate this with Jailin, but the Yeket appeared, which all spoiled. He reported that the case was transferred to the court. From documents, Jailin finds out that everything can end with a life sentence. Jailing is very worried about what can go to prison again. She told Ilgaz about it. After all, there is a framework there and even the sky. For Jailing, losing the will is tantamount to death. Ilgaz tried to calm Jailein and promised that he would make all sorts, but she would not come back there. He is ready to fight to the last drop of blood, and they will definitely benefit this business. From Ilgaz is waiting for explanations regarding how the evidence could be on the glove with his DNA. Yeks put forward the accusations that she replaced the results. Only she completely denies it. The evidence was clearly replaced, and this did the same person who committed a crime. Jailing is going to prove it ...