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Yargı episode 21 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

21 Series of the Turkish TV series "Yargi" will tell about how Jext reported that he managed to get new news about Ilgaz. When Ilgaz served as a prosecutor, then one citizen came to him who wrote a complaint to the hospital. But then Jailein immediately became a lawyer of this hospital. Ilgaz handed over and moved to the side. Jailin continued to defend the hospital. Yeket realized that Ilgaz thus left a job for his wife. Pars, together with Ilgaz and Eren, searched a video recorded on which they managed to recognize Niyazi. Pars ordered Erenu to delay Niyazi and search for his house, as well as a workplace. Ilgaz called Jailein and reported that this was really Niyazi replaced the evidence. Ilgaz, together with Jailin, began to follow Niyazi. Osman met with a sink and said he decided. He wants to be with her and does not imagine without a sown life. He proposes to escape with him, and they will be able to start a new and happy life. Ilgaz offered Niyazi to surrender and cooperate, but he is not going to jail and rushed under the wheels of the car. Jailin begins to blame himself in the fact that Niyazi died. Metin began to report ilgaz for watched Niyazi. Parsa torments only one question, who is the customer and how do they figure it out now? Jaillin learns that the Yeke has a false diploma, and he did not finish any legal faculty ...