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Yargı episode 16 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 16th series of the Turkish series "Yargi" will tell you how Ilgaz came to work in order to apply for his dismissal. He is going to take a lawyer's license, and intends to defend Jailein himself. But Jailing asks Ilgaz to stop, as she does not want to harm him. Ilgaz replied that Jailein would never be able to harm him, because he gets only power from her. That's just to be a prosecutor, and the lawyer is completely different. Ilgaz professional prosecutor, which was able to achieve great success on his career field. But only he will not be able to become a good lawyer so quickly. Ilgaz stated about the cigarettes found, but Pars said that DNA was not detected on them. Ilgaz's father is very angry with Jailein and considers it to blame for the fact that he now does not recognize his own son. Ilker appealed to the judge with a request that the suspect was freed before the moment the final sentence will be made. Jailein was free and when he returned home, he immediately went to his room. But here it seemed to her so much stranger. It seems to her that she does not belong at all this place. Then Jailin went to Ilgazu and he does not want her to leave him. But Jailein herself can feel calm only next to Ilgaz ...