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Yargı episode 24 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 24th series of the Turkish series "Yargi" will tell you how Ilgaz looked at the video of Eingina, from which he understood that he first poisoned himself, and then ordered his death. Ilgaz was very angry with Jaillin that she tried to hide it from him. Now he is sure that it is all connected with the personal problems of Jailin. Ilgaz handed over the passage of the video Evina, asked to see him and do everything you need. When Ilgaz and Jailing met, he began to express everything to her. He does not understand how she could send Yext to prison if he knew that he was not guilty. But this man tried to poison the life of Jailein and Ilgaz. Chutin was at the police station. Metin was very angry at Chinara, and he does not understand why should it endure his antics? Chinar began to ask him to be taken from methine, and he has the full right to human interrogation. Ilgaz began to be interested in his father, what problems from Chinara? But Metin and himself can not say anything. Ilgaz considered that his brother hides something. He said Jailein, which noticed some similarity between her and Chinar. But everyone wants to change, and maybe Jailing it turns out not quite good. Hell, with whom Chinar the unfamiliar sometimes seems much safer than unfamiliar paradise. Ilgaz asks Chinara about everything to tell him and get rid of this shipment once and for all. After all, the truth is still sooner or later comes out ...