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Yargı episode 23 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

23 Series of the Turkish TV series "Yargi" will tell about how Jailin put a password to his computer. Only then she had to face the problem. Jailin told Ilgazu that yesterday put a computer into sleep mode. Now she can not remember anything and looking for a password since the morning. Ilgaz began to suspect that Jailin simply hides something important from him. Pars at the court session said that Yeke had already suspected that he had kidnapped his son Eingina Tilmen from prison. Now Pars insists that the Yeket is detained at the time of the proceedings. Yeket just laughed and said that he loves his country very much. And only one who is truly guilty runs away. But the court this time made a decision not in favor of the Yeket that it became a big surprise for him. Ilgaz begin to torment suspicions and he does not understand why Jailein is trying to hide something from him? Obviously she does not want him to find out about it. He from this becomes very offensive and Ilgaz even seems to be that Jaillin does not trust him. It seems that Ilgaz is simply someone else's person in her life. Jailein does not understand what Ilgaz says to. If she wanted to Ilgaz something knew something, he herself told about it ...