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Yargı episode 13 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 13th series of the Turkish series "Yargi" will tell about the fact that, despite the truth, Ilgaz and Jailing remain together. They spend well time and Ilgaz seems to know Jailein for several years. But every time he looks at her again, he sees another beautiful side. Jailein believes that there is no such moment when Ilgaz could slow down or on the contrary, exaggerated, pressed on gas. She considers him an amazing and just incredible person. When Ilgaz brought Jailein to the house, she asked to stay with her until he was falling. Eingin is in serious condition deliver to the hospital. Jailin in his soul feels a very strange feeling. On the one hand she wants him to die. And on the other, he considers enough punishment, but does not want him death. It becomes known that Energin was poisoned. Yeket immediately suspected Jailin. Evina's father is trying to figure out who dares to do this with his son? For Parsa, it became surprising that Yeket recalled about the existence of his son. Seda also turns out to be among the suspects, but it claims that it would never be able to harm the Energin or some other person. She is not able to encroach life on someone. But Ilgaz suspects that Energin did it with himself in order to get out of prison. Jailein understands that it was part of the Evigina escape plan ...