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Yargı episode 14 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 14th series of the Turkish TV series "Yargi" will tell about how Pars said Ilgazu that he interrogated Seda and continue to follow her. She claims that nothing is to blame. Ilgaz has suspicions that this case is somehow involved in the Yeket. Either Energin poisoned itself and it was part of the escape plan. Jailein also learned about Evina's escape and decided to trace him. She penetrated into the car and hid in the back seat. Jailein was in the forest when he came into consciousness, and in her hands there was a gun. Yekeke warned that no one would cause harm to his son or his family. Metine reported that the corpse of a man was discovered in Yenik and the prosecutor urgently causes them. Ilgaz finds Jailein in a terrible state. Once in the office of Pars, Ilgaz began to take care of finding a good lawyer for Jailin. But Pars believes that Jaillin herself is a strong lawyer and will be able to protect himself. Ilgaz continues to insist on his own and then Pars asked him not to interfere in this matter. Now Ilgaz stands in front of the parses, like Jealin's legitimate husband, so he knows better what to do. Ilgazu is hard to look at what the condition is Jailing. He can not even imagine that she had to survive. He is ready to wait and as soon as she is ready, he will be able to tell him about everything. Jailein replied that she didn't remember anything at all ...