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Yargı episode 12 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 12th episode of the Turkish TV series "Yargi" will tell about how Ilgaz had to find himself in a difficult situation, but he decided to confess to Jaylene what mistake his father made. After all, it was because of this that Zafer was sentenced to imprisonment. It's harder for him because of the way Jaylene confessed her feelings for him. He understands perfectly well that after the truth is revealed, it is unlikely that Jaylene will want to be with him. Through the fault of his father, Zafer had to serve a sentence for what he did not do. When Jaylene finds out about everything, she will look at Ilgaz in a completely different way. Only Ilgaz and Jaylene do not assume that the nightmare in their lives is just beginning. Chinar is not sure that he will be able to evade responsibility, and he is ready to take rash steps. Grandfather is very angry with Chinar and he said that he was not at all like his father or brother. If he wants, he will destroy him in a matter of seconds. The Parsa's nerves were at their limit and he began to shout at the Neva. A court case will be opened against her, as there were threats. Neva rushed to Pars and began to ask him not to allow this. Chinar saw the pasted photos of Zafer, as his relatives were looking for him. It's too difficult for him to come to terms with what happened between him and Zafer ...