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Yargı episode 29 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 29th episode of the Turkish TV series "Yargi" will tell about how Ceylin was furious when she saw Yavuz on the loose. Yavuz said that he did not kill her father and Yekta confirmed this. Pars also told Jaylin that Yavuz was innocent. Jaylin wants to know who killed her father? The Parsee asked her to calm down and said that they were looking for him and as soon as they found him, they would immediately hand him over to justice. Ilgaz, together with Eren, found out the location of Chinar and went there. Ilgaz wanted to tell Jaylin everything, but Yekta was ahead of him. He wished to personally take Jaylin to the one who was really to blame for her father's death. Yekta said many times that only he can be a reliable friend for Jaylin, and everyone else hid the truth from her. He said that the killer of her father was Chinar, and Metin had been trying to hide it for so long. This truth for Jaylin was a big shock. She has made an important decision for herself and intends to file a complaint against the assistants of her father's killer. Ilgaz is very angry with his brother and he recalls how he asked Chinar to tell about his problems. Only he constantly lied and eventually ruined Ilgaz's life. He told Chinar that he no longer had a brother. Jaylin doesn't understand how Ilgaz and the others could treat her so badly? None of them came and told her nothing. Yekta watches with great pleasure how the friendship and love between Jaylin and Ilgaz ended ...