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Yargı episode 28 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 28th episode of the Turkish series "Yargi" tells how Ilgaz found out that it was Chynar who killed Jaylin's father. In addition, the father and grandfather were aware of this and hid everything from Ilgaz. For him it was a big shock. He came to the place where everything happened. At that moment, Ceylin called and informed Ilgaz that she had found a home for them. He is in the middle between their families, and they can always be close to their relatives. Jaylin has no doubt that in this house they can become happy. They can start over from the beginning. Jaylin asks Ilgaz to leave all his affairs and come to look at their house. Ilgaz is shocked and does not know at all what to do in this situation. Jaylin rented a house on Ilgaz's favorite street, as if she knew everything. Jaylin knows perfectly well that all this happened suddenly, but she and Ilgaz talked about this topic. But now for her this place turned out to be the only one that binds to life. She dreams of making their hearth with Ilgaz out of this house. Only Ilgaz is not at all easy, and as soon as he enters this house and meets Jaylin, they will have a difficult conversation. For him, this is tantamount to hanging himself in front of the woman he loves very much ...