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Cocukluk (Childhood)

1-11 series
Year: 2020
Genre: Drama
In the dramatic Turkish TV series "Cocukluk" in English, we will talk about life in an orphanage, where children go for a variety of reasons and circumstances. Some of them will have to stay in the shelter, and here they will receive the necessary education. After all, parents do not love their children, and they simply do not need them, so they were abandoned. Children who have lost their parents in tragic circumstances also come here and have no close relatives left. There are also children here who have lost their beloved mother, but they never managed to recognize their father.

There are certain rules in this institution and for many children they are considered very cruel, and there is also strict discipline. Every child is obliged to observe them so as not to be punished. The abandoned and abandoned children most of all lack love, affection and care. Nobody pays special attention to them, and children are forced to take care of themselves. Despite all the difficulties, the heroes of the Turkish TV series "Kimsesizler" with English subtitles, try not to despair, and they boldly continue to build their lives. At the same time, everyone hopes and counts on each other's help.

Many children in the orphanage find it very difficult, but they try their best to stay confident. Other children have a timid disposition and find it difficult to find a common language with others, but they all have one common goal - they need to survive. They never want much or more of what they have at the moment. The guys want only one thing, to be loved and given at least a little attention. The little heroes of the Turkish TV series, which can be watched online with English subtitles, want a better future for themselves and do not lose hope for it under any circumstances. The focus was on two girls, as well as one incident that happened to them in an orphanage.
Cocukluk (Childhood)
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Update: 30/12/2020

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