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Cati Kati Ask (Love on the roof)

1-7 series
Year: 2020
Genre: Comedy / Drama
The events of the Turkish series “Love on the Roof” with English subtitles begin to unfold in Istanbul. Two young foreign guests come here named Atesh and Demir. The guys could not think that they would immediately become guests of a very large and friendly family and they would be received with such good nature. Each of them was preparing for the worst in a foreign land, but everything turned out to be completely different. Only here ahead of visitors, guests will encounter unexpected problems, and they will need to be addressed as soon as possible.

In addition, Atesh, together with Demir, will be involuntary participants in those events that will constantly occur in this family. And here a lot of things are happening and it’s sometimes difficult to convey in words. The main characters of the Turkish series “Cati Kati Ask” with English subtitles do not know this beautiful city and the local places at all. Therefore, without their own guides they can not do. Only in this way they can get acquainted with local attractions and not get lost in the maze of streets. Two young and rather charming girls named Yasemin and AIChE, who know Istanbul very well, decide to come to their aid, because here they were born and raised.

From this moment in the lives of the heroes begin the most incredible and fun adventures that they will be able to remember for many years. The Turkish series “Love in the Attic”, which can be watched online with English subtitles, will be filled with amazing love scenes. Family relationships and the history of one of the Istanbul districts, which actually hides a huge number of secrets, will also be shown. They decided to pay the most attention to the neighbors, and in this series the villains will not be present and there will be a lot of comedic scenes.
Cati Kati Ask (Love on the roof)
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Update: 24/08/2020

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cristina1980 Kinoman 19 July 2020 17:00
How can I get to subscribe to premium. What is the price for premium?
Menz Guests 15 August 2020 12:55
When will epi 6 come? 
Ates Guests 15 August 2020 17:37
kissing_heart Love this very much
Yasmen Guests 16 August 2020 04:25
When is episode 6 coming ?
Csro Guests 16 August 2020 10:39
Episode 6, please ???
Ates ❤️ Aishen
Ates ❤️ Aishen Guests 17 August 2020 16:25
Last 5 mins in epi 6 is so littt??????
Angela Guests 21 August 2020 17:50
Hi, first few episodes were uploaded in a few hours, now it takes 2 days, how come? Is it because of the retings so that translators give priorities to other series? Thx
Cati kati ask
Cati kati ask Guests 22 August 2020 13:20
Yeah agreed I don't think that you guys upload any other new episodes in this time frame so please upload asap. These series is so underrated. It truly is a very good series

Yuk Guests 23 August 2020 20:27
Episode 7 please????
Mia Guests 24 August 2020 03:04
Why hasn’t the 7th episode been put out yet? It has already aired! Waiting for the episode!! Please release it!
Guest Ali
Guest Ali Guests 24 August 2020 07:47
Episode 7 isn't released till now?? Why??? Please air it asap