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Alev Alev

1-16 series
Year: 2013
Genre: Drama
The events of the Turkish TV series "Alev Alev" in English will unfold in a small but very beautiful town. Murat is a young guy and he is a sailor with great looks and intelligence. Local girls just dream of being next to him and are ready to fight for the heart of this handsome man by any means. Only now each of the young ladies has to constantly face great disappointment, since Murat's heart already belonged to one and only one. His beloved name is Alev, and she was a very sweet and good-natured woman. Only there is one exception in her, namely that she was almost twice as older than Murat and was more fit for a mother than a bride.

Despite this, the feelings between the main characters of the Turkish TV series "Alev Alev" with English subtitles were mutual and became stronger each time. Lovers dream of spending their whole lives together and hope that they can do it. They like to spend time together and each of them believes that this will always be so and nothing can prevent such a great love. But fate had its own plans in this regard. One day a very rich and influential businessman appears in the city, who, among other things, was unclean in his hands. And the relatives promise to give him the charming Alev as his wife.

The main character of the Turkish TV series, which can be watched online with English subtitles, is categorically against this, but no one wants to listen to her. Murat and Alev join forces and try to do everything to ensure that this wedding does not take place. It would seem that everything is already working out for them, but the situation begins to unfold in the most unexpected way. The main problem is the rich man himself, whom all these actions of Alev and Murat only angered. A man is never used to being rejected, and no matter who he follows, this man always gets what he wants.
Alev Alev
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