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Yargı episode 26 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 26th episode of the Turkish TV series "Yargi" tells how Jaylin, along with her mother and sisters, came to the pier to meet Zafer. Ilgaz also came to the place where Ceylin was waiting for her father, but he could not say anything right away. As soon as they were alone, Ilgaz informed Ceylin that her father's ID was found in the same car near the cemetery. Initially, there was information that he did not go to sea. And so they reported missing. Ilgaz plucked up courage and told Jaylin that they had found a corpse in the forest area. The identity has not been established and there is no way to identify. But there are clothes, and they match the one that Zafera was wearing. When Ilgaz and Jaylin came to identify the things, she immediately realized that they really belonged to her father. Jaylin, was forced to tell her family the tragic news that their father had died. For Jaylin, this loss also became a great pain. But Ilgaz is nearby and does his best to support Jaylin. Chinar came to his grandfather, and he was very afraid. He does not understand what to do next, because the truth is revealed and now he is finished. Jaylin hugged Metin and said that she had another father. It was difficult for Metin to make a decision, but he told Chinar that the time had come to pay for all his actions ...