Super Riki / Drama / 💖Gonul dagi (The Mountain of Hearts) english subtitles

Gonul dagi (The Mountain of Hearts)

1-2 series
Year: 2020
Genre: Drama
The main characters of the Turkish TV series “Gönül Dagi” in English were born and raised in the steppe. With age, many decided to leave their native lands and they went where they could achieve their desired goals and fulfill their dreams. Only they did not expect how difficult the path to the top would be. Someone managed to settle in a big city, but even get rich. Those who could not become so successful, nevertheless, prefer to continue to live in a foreign land. At the same time, none of them wants to develop their native horizons. And only time can judge which of them is right and who is wrong.

The main story in the Turkish TV series "Gönül Dagi" with English subtitles will unfold around those heroes who remained to live in a small settlement located in the middle of the steppe expanses. They have always honored ancient traditions that have not been remembered in megacities for a long time. Young people earn their living on their own, they have to put in a lot of effort, but none of them is afraid of any obstacles. From morning until evening, they work in the fields, as well as on farms, and so they manage to earn their bread. Few people know that it is actually very difficult to get a profitable economy on its feet. One person cannot cope with this and usually the whole family takes part in it. After all, the strength of the family lies in unity.

Always and in any situation, family values ​​should come first. In the family of the main characters of the Turkish TV series "Gönül Dagi", which can be watched online with English subtitles, the father has lost all strength. He is already in old age and is trying to pass on all the necessary knowledge to his sons. He remembers all the mistakes that he once made himself and wants children to learn from him this experience. Sometimes a man has to show his harsh character, but only so that his sons learn the right life. The father wants to do everything so that his children are engaged in a common family business together, since this is the only way to achieve everything.
Gonul dagi (The Mountain of Hearts)
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Update: 20/12/2020

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Thank you for the translation?❤️
Could you please translate episode 2?

manal Guests 28 October 2020 19:30
please upload episode 2 of gonul dagi please....
Guest Anna
Guest Anna Guests 29 October 2020 18:25
Episode 2 plz ...
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Please upload Gönül Dağı 2nd Episode with English subtitles...Please
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please upload all episodes of this series.. please...
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Dua Guests 15 January 2021 00:33
what about the other episodes ?????when will you guys upload them ?
Kulsum Guests 15 February 2021 17:53
Plz uploaded the 3rd episode... When will u upload those

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