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Yargı episode 41 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 41st episode of the Turkish series "Yargi" will tell about how the insidious enemy is getting closer each time. Yekta at this moment is trying to do everything to restore his reputation and take revenge on all those who tried to ruin his life. He has already prepared a plan and it remains only to translate it into reality, which is what Yekta is currently doing. Jaylin was saved and Ilgaz tries to constantly stay close to her. After all, all this time without her, he lost his compass. Ilgaz constantly watched videos from the interrogation and is trying to find at least some clue. In the end, he manages to figure out who the real killer is. But he is in no hurry to tell anyone about it. First of all, Ilgaz will need to find evidence and evidence that no one can refute. Ilgaz told Eren to take Jaylin and go with her to Pars. Jaylin and Eren are very surprised and do not understand what is happening. Ilgaz asked them to do as he said, and he himself would come to them a little later. Jaylin asked Eren if he saw Ilgaz's eyes? She suspects that Ilgaz found something and went somewhere. When Ilgaz and Jaylin were at home, he decided to confess something. Ilgaz said that today he did something. And he should never have done that. Only this was all done for the sake of loved ones ...