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Kardeslerim episode 37 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 37 Series of the Turkish series "Kardeslerim" will tell about how Revel told Akif that Suzan was betrayed. Akif wrote a message Ayle that Resoul suspects Susan in treason. Ayla is pleased and no doubt that they will soon have to witness a grand show. Resoul called Szanan and she was waiting for good news from him. Only he informed her about what he called in the accounting department, and she could leave. If a person has a beautiful face, then this does not mean that the same heart and resolu do not forget about it. Ogouljan is in prison and there he has to be awesome. But Shengeul was offered to provide freedom of Ogoul, but only in exchange for Emel. Despite the fact that Schungul was difficult to agree to this, she had no choice. Orhan informs all the pleasant news that Emir came into consciousness, and his family recalled the complaint. Very soon Ogolezhana will be released. Everyone was very happy, but only Shengeul knows how this way it was possible to achieve. When everyone went away, Shengul kept restrained part of his contract and gave Emel. Omer and Asia discover that Emel disappeared, and a lot of people were connected to her search. Soon it becomes known that Emel could kidnap, but Asie and Omer do not understand who could do it ...