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Kardeslerim episode 36 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 36th series of the Turkish series "Kardeslerim" will tell about how Akif presented for the remote such a gift that he was very pleased. It was a form signed by the favorite referee football player. Only Kana remained without a gift, but Akif promised that the next time he would do. Druk decided to give the form of Kaan, and said that she would wait until next year. Only Akif took her and said he checked the referee and Caan. He wanted to see if they really love each other, as real brothers or pretend. Emir is trying to humiliate the guests of the aunt, and he believes that these people met his relatives are not easy. This happened as if in some movie. Emir began to be interested in whether they had plans for moving to this mansion? Omer was very angry with these words, and he wanted to pounce on Emir. Ogouljan intervened and pushed Emir. Emir fell and received a serious injury of the head. Asie feels very well located next to the referee. She believes that the fate is not easy to bring them. Asie can easily trust the referee and believes that next to him will cope with any difficulties. For her, these feelings were very special. Ogulzhana put forward the charges that he wounded a man. He does not want to go to prison and asks his loved ones to help him ...