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Kardeslerim episode 38 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 38 Series "Kardeslerim" series of the Turkish series will tell about how Shengul robbed, and during this incident, she hit her head very much. Soon it turns out that Shengeul lost memory. Asie said Shengeul that she betrayed Emel. Only a woman herself cannot perceive the fact that she could do this with poor orphans. Shengeul considers himself honest, and she could not be apparent to such an extent. Asie and Druk came up and now they are very happy next to each other. Gemile came to Erenam and the crowd does not want to leave her alone. Asie said Tagge to leave their home. After all, Gemile does not want to see him more and even more so talk to him. Omer decided to enhance the girl, but a serious conflict may arise from this. The Talk believes that Gemile doubts it only because of Omer. Druk quite accidentally found in the laptop Caan, the most ill-fated video in which Akif makes murder. Kaan understands that Druk can learn the whole truth and because of this comes in rabies. He became on the heightened tone to speak a referee so that he left his room. And especially Druka does not have the right to use Caan women without its permission. But Druk intends to watch the video to the end, and drives the canais from the room ...