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Kardeslerim episode 39 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

39 Series of the Turkish series "Kardeslerim" will tell about how Kaan arrived at the time and rescued Asie with Omer from a fire, which organized the Tag. But Asie is in serious condition, and doctors fight for her life. Omer pounced on a tall with the accusations that he was set up. Omer believes that the crowd was simply not able to calm down and therefore decided to burn everything. Resolve decides to invite Szan to dinner and told Akif about this. Akif began to be interested in Resoul, really today the one night when he wants to admit Szanan in his feelings. The resvel even suspects that his plans will be broken and new problems will arise. When Suzan and Resil Dinelley, then their calm atmosphere broke uninvited guests. Akif appeared with Nebhat and Ayla. Ayla pounced on Szanan and began to ask if she was not ashamed to dine alone with a stranger husband? In addition, everyone will start saying that Suzan is a romantic relationship with a married man. Susan was not going to continue to listen to unpleasant words from Isil. She picked up a glass and poured his contents in Ayly's face. Ogulzhana will wait a very unpleasant surprise. Evir, Ezgi and Dora came to college. Emir is determined and he will definitely make everything to take revenge on Ogoul. He asked Omara and Ogulzhana Revenge ...