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1-26 series
Year: 2022
Genre: Comedy
The events of the Turkish series "Tozlu Yaka" will unfold around a company of young people studying in college. As you know, the life of the younger generation is filled with various adventures and anticipations of joy. Viewers will be able to see what is happening in the lives of young people, as well as their parents. Each of them builds his own plans for the future life, they have dreams and certain goals that young people strive hard for. They choose paths that would help them fully realize themselves in this life. When the heroes of the Turkish series with English subtitles entered the senior classes, they already began to clearly form ideas about the steps that they need to take in the future. They are overwhelmed by the desire, and the achievement of the final result for the beginning of the first stage of their lives.

It is only at this age period that romanticism hangs in the air, and for this reason, important events begin to occur in the fate of each of the heroes of the Turkish TV series “Tozlu Yaka” in Turkish. As soon as they graduate, an amazing and colorful life awaits them outside the college doors. Despite various perspectives, this life is real. And for this reason, young people will have to face numerous obstacles on their way, and they will also need to overcome the trials that fate itself has prepared for them.

Ahead of the heroes of the Turkish series "Dusty Shore" you can watch online with English subtitles, not only difficult final exams, but also other problems will await. They will face such qualities as betrayal, intrigue, meanness, but among all this there will definitely be a place for loyalty. They have to reveal many secrets, and all of them will be connected by a very strong friendship. In addition, young people will experience love feelings, because now they are at that age.
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Update: 26/12/2022

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