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TozluYaka episode 12 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 12th episode of the Turkish TV series TozluYaka will talk about how a video about Cemre spread on the network. Burke suspects that Ali or someone from his company could have done this. Cemre is sure that Ali would never do such a thing. In addition, Burke believes that Vefa's phone is with them. He promises that they will definitely find the person who has the recordings from the cameras. Cemre intends to talk to Burke's father, as she is sure that he is trying to protect someone. Burke and Cemre find a gift box with a photo near the door. As they followed the trail of the tape from the box, Cemre was shocked to see Mavi in ​​front of her. Ali turned to Mavi for help and for her it was a surprise. She has no idea how Ali can help. Ali replied that it would be about Cemra. Burke, along with the guys, finds Cemre on the coast in an unconscious state, and she was all wet. He tried to bring her to her senses, but the attempts did not bring any results. Ali was shocked when he saw Cemre in such a state. Burke said that if Cemre dies, then there will be nothing left in this life that can make him continue to exist. If there is no Cemre, then there is no him. Mavi approached Ali and told him to run...