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TozluYaka episode 11 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 11th episode of the Turkish TV series TozluYaka tells how Ali told about the watch and Cemre asked to see it. She wants to understand what is so special about them. Ali noticed that Cemre looked confused and her hands were even trembling. Burke received a call from a lawyer who said that if Vefa's watch could be found, his father would be acquitted. Before his death, Vefa managed to write down what was happening. Burke asked if Cemre knew about this watch. Then Burke and everyone else realized that Cemre was up to something wrong. Cemre tried to damage the clock, but Ali was able to figure it out and heard Vefa's voice on the recording. After the latest events, Cemre will have to feel Vefa's every breath of air. And the only way out of this situation is recognition. That's what Ali thinks. Kenan told Ali that he should have understood everything a long time ago because Cemre pushed the girl she had a fight with down the stairs. Ali asked who the girl was? Kenan replied that it was Mavi. Burke appeared before Kenan and asked for his forgiveness. Cemre went to Vefa's grave and also began to apologize, as each time her heart becomes more and more difficult. When Cemre saw Mavi, she was very surprised, and she was in no way ready for this meeting. Mavi said that she returned to them again ...