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TozluYaka episode 4 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 4 of the Turkish TV series TozluYaka tells how Ali said goodbye to his friends and reminded them that tomorrow they will enroll in the old school. Derya was very surprised when she saw Kenan in her house. She began to drive him away, but he is very interested to know what kind of relationship they have with Onder? But Derya has no desire to talk to this man. Kenan went to Onder and asked why he was trying to protect these children? After all, he believed most of all that these children stole the answers. Ali came to Cemra to give her the bracelet she had dropped in his room. He said he would never go back to that school again. They came there only to prove Vefa's innocence. They wanted to find the killer. But if everything is resolved now, then they are no longer needed there. They had to interrupt their conversation as Burke arrived. Is he here to find out what Cemre told Hazal about them? Cemra managed to drive Burke away and returned to Ali. Ali found a photograph in Cemre's room, which made a lot of sense. Ali believes that the threat has always been there. He told Cemra that the game was over. Derya promises Onder that sooner or later everything will get better. Burke didn't come to school, and this is starting to worry his friends. Derya finds a shirt in a trash can with blood on it. She's trying to figure out whose blood it is and where is Ali?