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TozluYaka episode 5 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 5th episode of the Turkish series "TozluYaka" will tell about how Ali came to Osman and they began to watch the last video taken by Vefa on a yacht. There, he noticed something strange and asked Osman to hide the flash card well. Cemre tries to find out from Ali where Burke is? But he continues to claim that he is not involved in this case. Ali advised Cemra to call Hazal, she probably knows. Cemre told Ali that Burke could not be the killer, as she knew him much better than herself. If he wants to find the culprits, he must take them together. After all, they are all to blame for what happened on that ill-fated night. Chagry found Burke and began to untie him, and also asked if he was really the one who wrote the messages. But Burke replied that he had been bound here all this time. Then Chagry began to say that when everyone thought Vefa was dead, he was alive. It turns out that if Chagry didn't kill him, then Burke pushed the guy down while still alive? Burke admitted that it was he who really pushed Vefa, and all this was recorded on camera. Vefa didn't deserve what he had to endure. But Burke deserved it. Cemre met with Hazal and asked for the last time, is he cheating on her? She did not hide anything and confirmed it. Ali has been arrested and Derya cannot believe that he was capable of committing such a crime. She told Kenan that this is an ordinary child and he is not a murderer. But Kenan replied that now Ali is considered the most ardent suspect ...